You can also select your transportation from the options below.

Shared Van Ride Shuttle

Please note that your wait for a shuttle can be up to 45 minutes from the time you have your luggage.
During the Sundance Film Festival, shuttles are on request only. Please wait for us to confirm your shuttle before making plans which are dependent on the service.  Thank you.

Number of peopleOne way price
One person $108 one way
Two people $116 one way
Three people $132 one way
Four people $152 one way
Five people $180 one way
Six people $198 one way
Seven people $210 one way
Eight people$216 one way
Nine people $225 one way
10 people $240 one way

11 or more? Use a mini bus or bus. Prices at right.
Full shuttle details (two person minimum)

Private Vans And Buses

Private Van Rates

Number of peopleOne way price per van
One or two $145
Three $155
Four $160
Five $190
Six $220
Seven $240
Eight $260
Nine $280
10 $295

Mini Bus And Coach Rates

Mini Bus And Coach Rates

14 person mini bus $395
Mini bus for up to 38 people Not available
55 person coach $750


All prices one way, for the SUV

One or two people$155
Three people$175
Four people $190
Five people $215
Six people $240