You can also select your transportation from the options below.

Shared Van Ride Shuttle

We regret that as a result of the pandemic, we can currently only offer private service, or SUV service

Number of peopleOne way price
One person $108 one way
Two people $116 one way
Three people $132 one way
Four people $152 one way
Five people $180 one way
Six people $198 one way
Seven people $210 one way
Eight people$216 one way
Nine people $225 one way
10 people $240 one way

11 or more? Use a mini bus or bus. Prices at right.
Full shuttle details (two person minimum)

Private Vans And Buses

Private Van Rates

Number of peopleOne way price per van
One or two $145
Three $155
Four $160
Five $190
Six $220
Seven $240
Eight $260
Nine $280
10 $295

Mini Bus And Coach Rates

Mini Bus And Coach Rates

14 person mini bus $395
Mini bus for up to 38 people Not available
55 person coach $695


All prices one way, for the SUV

One or two people$155
Three people$175
Four people $190
Five people $215
Six people $240